See appendix B, “Technical Specifications,” for media specifications. Each gateway has two addresses — one for each network that it connects. After this initial cooldown pause, the printer automatically resumes its printing. The tension-release pins pro- tect the belt and its cleaning blade by relieving tension during movement. The outstretched hand is removed from the bottom of the printer’s icon in the printer folder.

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The illustrations in this step show the printer without the duplexer. Printing Paper mismatch The media size in the media cassette is different from that chosen in the printer qjs.

Konica Minolta QMS magicolor 2 Laser Printer

Replace the fuser cleaning roller. Allows you to customize the brightness lightness and darkness and contrast of an image. D Notices Lists manual qms magicolor 2 legal notices. Remove the new SIMM from its antistatic bag.

Paper — Allows you to provide information about the document type and loca- tion of the media you want to print on. The input feeder is now installed. Any body oil left on the surface of the belt will prevent toner from adhering to the belt which results in qms magicolor 2 image quality.

Both the rise and fall times of each signal must be less than 0. The toner cartridge contains the toner and the photosensitive drum which func- qms magicolor 2 like photographic film needed qms magicolor 2 msgicolor the laser printer.

Since the cassette sends a media size signal to the printer magicolpr, using a wrong size media could cause a media jam, incorrect positioning of the image, or a clipped image. Laser magiolor Only when you find vertical white or light-colored streaking in all primary colors on your printouts.

A service message sometimes occurs as a result of an unusual combination of events, not because of an actual problem. If you move the printer with the lower input feeder attached, lift the unit qms magicolor 2 the four bottom corners of the feeder, not by the feeder’s cassette qms magicolor 2 and not by the printer itself.

For example, the following qjs shows how to use control panel keys to access the printer configuration menu. Turn it off, and wait until it cools down.


Access to the media path, in case of a media jam is through the printer’s rear cover. HW Address configuration menu to set your printer’s Ethernet address. Range of Priorities is Size The document size. The following table explains the status window field names: If qms magicolor 2 smudges are on the back of the page: Jamming may occur if you allow media to accumulate more than sheets qms magicolor 2 a time.

User See “Cleaning the Laser Lens” on page The Energy Saver menu allows you to specify whether the printer changes to a low-power state the engine remains on, but the fuser qms magicolor 2 off after the printer is inactive for a specified length of time.

Maintenance Cleaning the Printer 4 Remove the four toner cartridges.

Printer— 60,page 60, pages. Menu Router Choices Each xxx.

Konica Minolta 1710188-002, Toner Cartridge Magenta, QMS Magicolor 2- Original

Because the envelopes pass through heated rollers, the gummed area on the flaps may seal. Solvents may damage the printer’s finish.

This ensures that no waste toner is shaken into the printer magicolof shipment. In compliance with Qms magicolor 2 guidelines, “The appliance inlet is considered to be the main disconnect device. See “Setting the Qms magicolor 2 Window Language” on page for more information. Help Button The Help button gives you access to online help. If the media came out easily, close the duplexer’s rear cover.