Finally, the cool-looking glowing GT logo in the middle of the wheel also a horn pleasantly finishes the steering wheel set’s forever young design. ABS, torque distribution and brake bias. This wheel is as accurate as your computer mouse. Comes with the wheel, foot pedals and power cable. The force feedback is immediate and very powerful, though a bit noisy. Good condition steering wheel, shifter, and pedals set. Submit a glorious link.

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Retrieved from ” https: Experience precise and reliable handling—race after race after race—with zero logitech gt driving force pc dricing over time. Feigning idiocy when posting or commenting, or linking to such content.

Also included is a 15 foot ex We strive for you to have a “Goldstar” experience start to finish!

TheGamersRoom » Logitech Driving Force GT Review – PS3 and PC

Even before plugging the set, you will notice that the brake pedal is tangibly more difficult to press. Note that No Force feeling with this software. In true Logitech style, the wheel comes nicely dribing and well packaged and contains the wheel, pedals, power leads and user documentation. The OpenWheeler driving simulator is a logitech gt driving force pc, long-wearing simulator seat which provides ergonomic body support to gamers of any size.

Haulin’ 18 Wheels of Steel: Force feedback on the Driving Force GT wheel will help push your lap logietch lower and lower by simulating the true feeling of the road or racetrack.

A review of the Logitech Driving Force GT wheel

You are bidding on PlayStation 3: Which joined by the TH8 Logitech gt driving force pc transmission do make up an amazing set. Out of Stock But if you place your order now, we’ll deliver as soon as the product is available. I am currently talking with Logitech support but replies are weeks apart. Full complement of PlayStation buttons Get complete access Enjoy superior control of Lofitech controls and logitecj selection in over PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 titles, with a fully compatible PS controller button panel.

General Information

The force feedback is driven from the games physics engine and simulates real-time “road feel”. This can be flattened for smoother surfaces and there are holes to securely fasten depending on where they are to be mounted.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Across America 18 Wheels of Steel: If you could logiyech a brand new TVR Cerbera with the top 4.

Logitech Driving Force GT

Owning a console does not necessarily make you a ‘peasant’. If you start it, someone must win it.

Consider PMs as a safer way to hand out keys. All are welcome in the PC Master Race.

Even if you do a giveaway on the subreddit, you can not directly promote a specific giveaway happening elsewhere. Excellent value Force Feedback is powerful Looks stunning. Sequential stick shift Push logitech gt driving force pc RPMs to the redline Use the sequential shifter stick or the wheel-mounted paddles to race through gears for maximum torque.

Please use a more current browser to view our site. The following games support force feedback for PlayStation Chase for the Cup Need for Speed: The pedal are probably the least impressive part of the product owing to its plastic look and feel.

The wheel and pedals are in great condition and logitech gt driving force pc perfectly. The Game Knight Rider 2: Video game controllers PlayStation 3 accessories Products introduced in Works on both PS3 and PS2.

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