Love the throttles, speed brake and flaps quadrant as well. I love this product. I was used to using a joystick for so long, that it took awhile to get used to, but that would be true for any yoke I think. Ability to program more functions through the yoke and throttle quadrant. The software from Saitek is good, but full of conflicts with the FS9 functions to the point of where I finally just removed the SST programming, and it seems to work fine usually. The Throttle Quadrant is equal in quality and feel. I finally just disconnected it, it is useless.

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But I do like the arrangement of switches and buttons and so I bought another. To category Flight Simulation.

I think it’s great. I am a student pilot and purchased it primarily to help me with flight training.

Pro Flight Yoke System

All in all, this is a great product and I would recommend it. Monday, January 21, Excellent performance!

It makes the simulation more real. I use this along with the rudder pedals with X-Plane. No problems with install. Multilple buttons make it easy to program a wide range of functions that you would otherwise need to use the key board for. A little bit of drag in the shaft, but tolerable Was this Review Helpful to you?

Pro Flight Yoke System

Wish it was a little easier to program but well worth while. Much better than a joystick. Flaming Cliffs 2 Lock On: Durable Stainless Steel shaft with precision bearings gives smooth and Does the Saitek pro flight yoke work for flight sim ? Product works as advertised.

Logitech – Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System

It was a great experience. Good control over plane, good throttle quadrant. Detachable lever knobs enable you to customize your flight by configuring any combination of throttle, flaps, mixture saaitek propeller pitch. Having the yoke and throttle is nice, but not great.

This site uses cookies. Even after take-off it still takes a few seconds to get full thrust and then it doesn’t stay at full thrust for me to control the power settings. Thrustmaster – Hotas Warthog.

What is this “12vdc Power Cord”? Not terribly expensive Cons: Ruggedly constructed and operates very smoothly But at times the yoke display will display funny characters, if you cycle through the modes they saitek pro flight yoke system away. Saitek rudder pedals fllght work with microdoft xp A: Monday, January 24, Very good. Would the Saitek both throttle and yoke be supported by Windows 8?

Great when saitek pro flight yoke system but hard to control on landing. For more advance settings and customization, download the software from our website. Durable Stainless Steel shaft with precision bearings gives smooth and predictable elevator and aileron control Used with the supplied SST Programming software, integrated mode switch trebles the number of controls you have at your fingertips Accurately time each leg of your flight plan with the integrated chronograph Separate throttle quadrant with additional switches to configure saitek pro flight yoke system combination of throttle, flaps, mixture or prop pitch.

Large size takes up a lot of space on my desk Review: It is very simple to get going, as you plug the throttle quadrant into the yoke and then plug the yoke into the computer.