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Higher ratings can be martin sprocket catalog pdf download by ordering a second spring to nest in the original one. Open the catalogue to page 4. Open the catalogue to page 9. Determine the shear pin assembly and pin neck diameter to transmit A solid or split plate sprocket may be marttin to a solid or split hub.

Open the catalogue to page 8.

Using one of the following formulas, compute the torque load the pin must transmit and find the value in the torque rating table below to obtain the proper shear pin neck diameter. Center member must be clean and free from oil, rust, etc.

Martin Sprocket Catalog

cxtalog When an overload occurs, the pin shears, disconnecting the drive immediately. Stock Shear Pin Assemblies When ordering a Type D sprocket, be sure to select a plate sprocket large enough Select the smallest shear pin assembly which will accommodate the required bore.

The Online Industrial Exhibition. See torque rating table on following page. Table on page E-5 contains the bore ranges and minimum sprocket sizes which allow chain clearance martin sprocket catalog pdf download the shear pin assembly flange.

Special materials, special bores, matrin, triplex, double-single-doubles, etc. Torque-Limiter Clutch Ratings L Using a center member with rubbing sides ground parallel — 63 to micro-inches.

Bolt-On Shear Pin Sprockets Shear Pin sprockets provide simple, dependable protection against expensive machinery damage caused by overloads or jamming. When worn, the sprocket may be reversed to use martij unworn tooth surfaces, increasing the life of the sprocket.

Face and Bored to Fit the Martin The rubbing sides of the center member should martin sprocket catalog pdf download ground parallel — 63 to micro-inches.

Engaged by every other tooth, double duty sprockets have two teeth per chain pitch. Sprockets with odd numbers of teeth will allow any given tooth to engage only on every other revoution, automatically increasing sprocket life.

Selection guide on page E-6 gives complete procedure to select the proper Shear Pin assembly. The shear pin assembly required is determined by the shaft size. Open the catalogue to page 7. If you do not see the sprocket you need in this section, call us. Catalog Number Stock Bore Has recessed groove in hub for chain clearance.

Sprocket The driven member is mounted on an oil-impregnated bushing and clamped between two, high quality friction discs by spring pressure.

It is recommended that the rubbing sides of the driven member be ground to provide a smooth rubbing surface of 63 to micro-inches. Related Searches Screw conveying system Flexible coupling Conveying roller Rigid joint Elastic coupling Horizontal conveyor Flange coupling Taper sleeve coupling Wheel gear Martin sprocket catalog pdf download coupling Sleeve martin sprocket catalog pdf download shear pin coupling Shock absorbing conveyor roller Chain coupling Slip-on conveyor roller Rubber paint Drag conveyor Jaw coupling Conveyor pulley covering Transport conveyor Ceramic covering.

Bushings martin sprocket catalog pdf download to be ordered separately, if required. Each Torque-Limiter unit, completely assembled, contains one spring. Open the catalogue to page 3. Type D sprockets consist of a Type A plate sprocket bolted to a detachable hub.

Power Transmission, Material Handling & Hand Tool Manufacturer

Speed ratios catalogg be changed simply by removing the plate sprocket and substituting another with a different number of teeth. During each revolution only half the teeth function effectively. Chances are if chain runs on it, we have made the sprocket before. Open the catalogue to page Torque is transmitted by a single pin, necked to shear when the safe load is exceeded. Open the catalogue to page 6.

Torque-Limiter Clutches Torque-Limiter clutches may be used with a sprocket, gear, sheave, flange, or other driven member. Martin sprocket catalog pdf download bores shown will accommodate standard keyseat and setscrew over keyseat.