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Tunneling Across the Interface 2.

The foundations for a microscopic description of interface states in ideal Schottky contacts was laid by Heine in For example, a Schottky diode can be used to study bulk defects and interface properties of a metal semiconductor contacts pdf download system. A proper choice of materials can provide a low resistance Ohmic contact. Transfer Length Method 4.

Chapter 3: Metal-Semicond. Junctions

Reverse Bias Current – Voltage Characteristics 3. Semiconductor Physical Electronics pp Cite as. The general solution for I x and V x are:.

He demonstrated that a continuum of metal-induced gap states MIGSas they were called later, derives from the virtual gap states of the complex semiconductor band-structure. Semiconductor Surfaces And Interfaces Author by: Cite chapter How metal semiconductor contacts pdf download cite? For an n -type semiconductor, this means that the workfunction of the metal must be close to or smaller than the electron affinity of the semiconductor.

Refractory Metal Contacts to Silicon 6. However for a lot of semiconductors there is no appropriate metal available. The first part introduces the general aspects of space-charge metal semiconductor contacts pdf download, of At the same time, such contacts cannot be assumed to have a resistance as low as that of two connected metals.

This volume contains chapters that xemiconductor devoted to the discussion of the physics of metal-semiconductor interfaces and its basic phenomena; fabrication procedures; and interface characterization techniques, particularly, ohmic contacts.

Recommended articles Citing articles 0. Download Now Read Online Description: Modern device concepts are not only based on p-n junctions, which are interf Finite Depth Effects 4.

Thin interfacial layers also affect contact formation. Cookies We use cookies to improve your experience with our site. Contact Metallization Definition Techniques 5. The use of a reducing atmosphere avoids any further oxidation of the metal during annealing, while it can also metal semiconductor contacts pdf download any interfacial oxide between the metal and semiconductor.

Electronic Structure Of Metal Semiconductor Contacts

By letting D x approach zero one finds the following differential equations for the current, I xand voltage, V x: Physikalische Berichte Author by: Since Schottky had published his pioneering work in the mechanisms, which determine the barrier heights of metal-semiconductor contacts, have remained under discussion. The required doping density for such contact is metal semiconductor contacts pdf download 19 cm -3 or higher. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access.

To further improve the tunnel contact one adds dopants such as germanium in the case of an n -type contact and zinc in the case of a p -type contact to the metal. Aluminum-Based Contact Metallizations 6. Metal-semiconductor contacts are an obvious component of metal semiconductor contacts pdf download semiconductor device.

Metal-Semiconductor Contacts and Devices presents the physics, technology, and applications of metal-semiconductor barriers in digital integrated circuits. This section describes each of these contacts as well as an analysis of metal semiconductor contacts pdf download contact resistance between a metal and a thin semiconductor layer.

The emphasis is placed on the interplay among the theory, processing, and characterization techniques in the development of practical metal-semiconductor contacts and devices.

This equivalent circuit seimconductor obtained by slicing the structure into small sections with length D xconfacts that the contact resistance, R 1and the semiconductor resistance, R 2are given by: We owe the explanation of this observation to Schottky. Interface and surface science have been important in the development of semicon ductor physics right from the beginning on. In addition to different device and circuit applications, Schottky contacts can also be used as test vehicles for investigating the physical and electrical properties of a semiconductor metal semiconductor contacts pdf download and its surfaces.