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Air-bearing Flute Grinding Attachment.

Comprehensive Operator’s Instruction Manual and detailed Sectional-drawings Parts Manual and dismantling instructions. Complete and Detailed coverage of how to use and maintain hobs. Spare Parts as Detailed Sectional Drawings.

The text of the manual is in English, French and German – the catalogue text is German. Operator’s Instruction and Maintenance manual.

The general operating instructions and Cam-design data can be applied to any type of Swiss Automatic. Includes a data manual giving Heidenhain rod 426 pdf download Honing Speeds and Honing Stone Pressures together with a large collection 60 page of sales and Technical Specification catalogues covering the types: Includes a copy of the maker’s detailed Technical Sales and Specification Catalogue.


Colchester Student and Master Mk. Operating Manual and Programming Guide. Also includes additional Technical Bulletins produced over the years that detail a number of important aspects of drill-sharpening work. Maintenance and Operating Manual. Includes a copy of the Heidenhain rod 426 pdf download and Specification Catalogues. Operation and Basic Maintenance with Parts as detailed sectional drawings. Spare Parts as Sectional Drawings. Detailed Specification and Operation Literature that shows, by illustrated examples, how to set up and use these heidenhan.

A compendium of every known publication for these models.

Spare Parts as sectional Drawings. Slim but very useful publication. Parts Manual as Detailed Sectional Drawings. A complete data pack for the miller containing a detailed Operator’s Instruction Manual, Service Manual and Parts Manual downloaad Sectional Engineering Drawings, heidenhain rod 426 pdf download electrical schematics and the alignment test charts.

Contains the best of the larger and far-better early manuals with clearer pictures and drawings together with additional sections and charts not included in the original – including, for example, how to generate pitches heidenhain rod 426 pdf download shown on the screwcutting gearbox, which pitches the lever positions produce when converting from Imperial to metric and ice versa, a full list of standard and extra changewheels heidenhakn how they were set up on leaving the factory and data on metric to inch and inch to metric screwcutting conversions.

Detailed Instructions for Setting. It was also sold as the “Craftsman” and “Metalcraft” models. This is the complete, later edition with extra pages on adjusting and dismantling the special boring and high-speed heads.

It heidenhaib also sold with “Atlas” and “Metalmaster” badges. English, French, German, Italian and Spanish text. Includes Test and Set Up Procedures notes devised by hedenhain factory service engineer.

Operating and Service Manual. A complete data pack for these popular lathes: Operator’s Instruction and Servicing Manual with 6 large drawings showing: As made from the s until the mid s.

Installation, Maintenance and Operating Manual two Manuals in one: This is the older model with two levers on top of the headstock and one on the heidenhain rod 426 pdf download face. An additional page advertising section is at the back of the book that shows the complete range of Britannia products for both the amateur and professional markets.

Programming and Operations Manual. Enlarged from the tiny original.

Includes a number of Electrical Schematics. Operator’s Instruction Manual and Parts List. Instruction Manual with electrical diagrams. Installation, Maintenance and Operating Manual. Two editions are included: Detailed Operator’s hand book. Operator’s Instruction Manual with Detailed Instructions. Two editions are included, early and late, Together with two editions of heidenhain rod 426 pdf download maker’s Sales and Specification and Specification Sheets.

Instructions for use Manual. Two versions of the later vertical head were produced; V-belt drive and variable-speed drive and this manual covers both.


Textbook containing a complete treatise covering the practical analysis of the comparative tooth form action on internal and external gear teeth. J Model and No. Applicable to any wood lathe, not just Delta.

Also applies to the original Mk.