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The other things of the name the organization provides itself. No connection can be made without a pseudo tty. For example in case of Award BIOS the beep code will be, 1 long beep- shows memory problem 1 long beep and 2 hardware networking interview questions and answers pdf download beeps- failure of DRAM parity 1 log beep and 3 short beeps- signifies Video error Continuous beep- signifies failure in memory or Video memory.

Crosstalk is the effect of one wire on the other. If it is not properly fixed the system, the system will shutdown automatically to prevent further damage to the processor.

This is the protocol used for file transfer over the Internet. I am appreciative to this blog for helping me. Those that fail the test are dropped.

The ‘IN’ is a 2-letter country code for India.

Computer Hardware – Computer Science Questions and Answers

Which category of twisted pair is mainly used. Plz send me the pdf of these networking questions with answers Thank you September 2, Reply.

Issues for data interfacing in physical layer. Very informative and well written post! Networking interview questions and hardwae. Need a pdf October 18, Reply. Intel E Chipset- a volume chipset supports dual-processor DP.

Networking interview questions answers PDF download

What are the different DRAM types? What are the Important Windows port numbers: They normally work well on sunny days. It is any routing protocol used within an autonomous system. Dot Matrix and Hardware networking interview questions and answers pdf download Wheel. It belongs to application layer. I am student of bachelors of computer science and was searching for Situational interview questions. Interrupt the CPU to request service. Veerasamy Cse 30 January at The beep code may vary depends on the manufacture of BIOS.

February 8, Reply.

TOP COMPUTER HARDWARE Questions and Answers Pdf COMPUTER HARDWARE Questions pdf

A full domain name is a sequence of labels separated by dots. How does it get a message to the network looking for its IP address and the queshions of its operating system boot files? What is Intel Atom processor? What is its use?

There is no download option. How will you test LAN card? Which physical property of information is changed for transmission?

This is classified mainly into three Desktop, Laptop and Server motherboard. What are Brute Force Attacks? Gateway – operates at the upper hardware networking interview questions and answers pdf download of the OSI model. Input devices are used for giving input to the computer.

What are the motherboard manufacturing companies? Availability is high because of the redundancy features available. All the hosts in a sub-network will have the same subnet mask. The interface is also known by the brand names of FireWire Applei. It is the type of the memory module can be anv in laptop. Hub is a layer 1 device. It provides a harxware for discussing network operations and design.

POP3 is very simple protocol and quesyions limited functionality. Amol 21 May at Quite interesting and nice topic chosen for the post. Packets meeting some criterion are forwarded normally.