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Spin it around and up at about 45 degrees to hit the wall and ceiling behind you. Hi Neil, Thanks for the link back to our site — and congratulations on the book! To create a portrait with the bounce technique, I generally tilt the flash unit to hit the ceiling and wall as I visualize a large softbox there, at the traditional portrait lighting angle, to my subject.

Thanks once again for an engrossing read, and I look forward to your upcoming book on off-camera flash.

Flash Photography Tutorial – Use Available Light & Flash

This happens when the camera is exposing well enough for the flash illuminated subject, but not enough environment light is being recorded.

Will check amazon again and then go from there. Znd forward to many details so often left out of many publications. Using a longer lens will help blur out the foreground objects to frame the subjects in a more intimate way. Good luck with the book.

Your book is the best I have read. Happy New Year and all the best.

10 Techniques for Amazing Portraits

Although the flash unit itself is a relatively small light source, it will cover a wide area of a wall and ceiling. Thanks for publishing great content online and, better, thanks for bundling it up into a purchasable volume.

Your book is fo great. Beyond that, I truly believe this book is one of the photofraphy introductions to the topic of flash photography.

Hello Neil I got your book few months ago on camera flash techniques for wedding and portrait photography pdf download iam reffering it almost everyday. I would like to correct a few errors in my book on flash photography.

That said it is so far a fantastic read and easy to follow.

On-Camera Flash Photography

Therefore you would adjust FEC in the same way. To eliminate this effect, you can place a small piece of opaque material or black foam just long enough to block the direct part of the light from hitting your subject.

Let me know if this makes more sense now? It makes a more interesting image than the typical straight-on bridal portrait. Not started reading yet and just glanced thru. Thanks for your little note, much appreciated. The feedback on Amazon will bear this out. For more examples of on how to take great images, check out our website: Balancing flash and natural light.

Hello, I am wondering if your book is for beginners? When your next book is ready off camera flash i will buy that one immediately. But with some artificial lights, something as simple as a couple of speedlites can diminish the power of portraait sun and darken the image for better exposure. We publish regularly, so if you’d like to posts sent directly to your inbox, just put your name and email into the big orange box at the top of this page. Neil On camera flash techniques for wedding and portrait photography pdf download first I thought the book was simply a collection of your blogs, as many of the images and lessons in the book have appeared on this site.

Here I thought bouncing off the ceiling was the only way. At some point you need to play with it and see how it responds. CTO gels can also be used to emulate portraig.

Discovered your site a few days ago and purchased the book from B-N today!!!

8 On-Camera Flash Tips: How To Get Better Lighting From Your On-Camera Flash

I am also very happy that you share your personal experience and settings with your public through the website and your book.

Your email address will not be published. Plus, it has the added benefit of doing some of the thinking for you when you need it to.

Just wondering when this will be available on amazon or iTunes again? Erin, I am in Australia and yes, cannot get Kindle version via Amazon sites.

Neil, My congratulations on your Polish edition of your beautiful book. Neil—I was referred to your Web site as an excellent resource for understanding and effectively using TTL metering techniques with ambient light. Cant wait to start learning more. After working through the TTL pages only, I ordered your book.

A Library of Books. In the image below, we asked the bride to sit on the ground in order to focus on her face and hair ornament while blurring out the rest of her body. This technique is very versatile as it can give you everything from very dramatic split-lighting to soft, even illumination. On-Camera Flash Photography out of pr int 2.