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We have maintained the durable standard features that Tohatsu owners appreciate while making fuel efficient 4-strokes that are easy to transport. The power-on lamp green will light for a moment and the monitor will turn on.

Using the Zoom Use the zoom control to activate optical zoom.

Image Sharpening The camera automatically emphasizes the borders between light and dark areas of each picture, mak- ing the image seem sharper. Making Edges More Distinct: The following operations can be performed while picture display is enlarged. Slide the cover out B mxnual flip it open C.

I used to nikon coolpix s2500 manual pdf download going out to celebrate the New Year but now love a good nht staying in.

Press the multi selector p macro mode. Page Turn camera off, remove and reinsert battery, and turn Error has occurred in camera on.

Nikon | Download center | COOLPIX S Firmware

Page 68 Compose the picture Adjust camera ccoolpix and frame the picture. Connector Cover Opening the connector cover Charge lamp White Balance Keeping Colors True: Black-and-white Record pictures in black-and-white.

Movie Recording And Playback, Recording Movies Movie Recording and Playback Recording Movies To shoot movies with sound recorded via the built-in microphone, enter shooting mode and follow the steps below. Step 6—Put the Camera Away. Page Troubleshooting Problem Camera cannot focus. If installed, Nikon View 5 will detect cards nikon coolpix s2500 manual pdf download Nikon digital cam- eras and start automatically.

Digital zoom cannot be used. Turn camera cooopix, remove and reinsert battery, and turn Error has occurred in camera on. Preset White Balance Preset white balance is used to adjust white bal- ance when shooting under mixed lighting or nikon coolpix s2500 manual pdf download compensate for light sources with a strong color cast for example, to make pictures taken under a lamp with a red shade look as though they had been taken under dowmload light.

Nikon Coolpix S2500 User Manual

Setup Menu Print Date Imprinting Date and Time d button M z Setup menu A M Print date The shooting date and time can be imprinted on the pictures with shooting, allowing the information to be printed even from printers that do not support date printing A Setting The Time And Date: Press View other pictures View current picture full screen Return to Shutter shooting mode release All other camera controls function as they do manhal shooting mode.

Image Quality and Size Page 74 Image Size Image size refers to the physical dimensions of the image, measured in pixels. Taking Pictures in a X2500 Plug the Charging AC Adapter into nikon coolpix s2500 manual pdf download electrical outlet.

Page 69 k Close-up Photograph flowers, insects and other small objects at close range. More on Playback Operations in Full-frame Playback Mode Press the nikon coolpix s2500 manual pdf download button in shooting mode to enter playback mode and pictures taken are displayed A The higher the sensitivity, the less light is needed to expose an image. Connecting to a Printer Choose Start print and press the k button. Thumbnail Playback Mode Display When pictures marked using Print order A 88 or Protect A 95 are selected, the icons shown at right are displayed with them.

Page 55 Print… command in the Acro- bat File menu, and follow along during installation of Nikon View 5.

Nikon | Download center | COOLPIX S

Step 5—Focus and Shoot. Close Up Camera is set to focus on objects as close as 4 cm 1.

Auto Sort Mode Playback Option: Page 52 Close Up Camera is set to focus on objects as close as 4 cm 1. Page Error Messages Display Card is not formatted. Page Picture Editing Note on Skin Softening Depending upon the direction in which faces are looking, or the brightness of faces, the camera may be unable to accurately detect faces, or the skin softening function may not perform as expected. Page 7 Smear When you frame bright subjects, vertical comet-like streaks that whiten toward nikon coolpix s2500 manual pdf download ther end may appear in the monitor.

Press the A button in shooting mode. Once pictures have been added to albums, favorite pictures mode can be used to play back only nikon coolpix s2500 manual pdf download pictures in a specific album. Display A voice memo cannot Sound file cannot be be attached to this file. The camera is automatically turned on. Press the multi selector n self-timer. You must reproduce on each copy the Nikon copyright notice and any other proprietary legends that were on the original.

You further consent to service of process in any action arising from this Agreement by regular mail or other commercially reasonable means of receipted delivery. The Multi Selector C The Multi Selector The multi selector is used to navigate through nikon coolpix s2500 manual pdf download era menus, to page through or select pictures during playback 78and to control the dis- play of indicators in the monitor.

Press J or K to choose the travel destination time zone. The last picture taken will be displayed in full- frame playback mode.