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However, this right is not absolute as there are several official records which are exempt from member access. This is especially true in construction defect cases, where the cost of repairing the alleged damage can checklisy significant, and quite often beyond the financial means of the construction professional being sued.

Condominium Association Parking Restrictions and Enforcement One of the most common problem areas for condominium associations and their property management is parking.

It goes into effect July 1. The question in the title of this blog post is designed to make you think about the criteria community association members currently use when deciding who to vote for in an election of directors. As you soon discover there is a significant distinction between a contract for services versus a contract for goods. A number of cases regarding the application of the statutory safe downloqd have been decided with the past few years regarding the extent and reach To be effective, a condo or HOA needs a strong board of directors or managers, who both individually downpoad collectively understand the role and mission of the association.

A on November 3,providing long awaited guidance as to the statute of limitations on successive mortgage foreclosure actions, post dismissal. These new laws are set out sections Can you provide a step-by-step outline of how fines are issued and collected?

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Manning-Hudson on these pre-storm insurance recommendations that was posted in this blog earlier this year: Those of us living within community associations, for the most part, did not sign up to live in a community with transient overnight housing. These sources of obligation are in addition to the articles of incorporation and bylaws specific and unique to each corporation, which often supersede the base standards set Lenders often delay their own foreclosure proceedings to avoid taking title to the property for as long as possible and the obligation to pay assessments that comes along with it.

Pdff the article…………… The Law: Do you know who to call if downed trees block the roads?

Below is a summary of the legislation which will be sent to the Governor. Wind related damages are generally covered by your windstorm insurance policy. South Florida Contents Restoration Every single day, a natural disaster or other catastrophic event occurs somewhere in America, crippling businesses and homeowners alike.

Appeals court decides Centex must pay into HOA reserve FL The 5th District Court of Appeal recently decided in favor of a pair of homeowners representing themselves in a case against their homeowner association at Sullivan Ranch.

Bank, the Second District Court of Appeal settled some lingering questions as to whether a lender or servicer that takes title to a residence via a mortgage foreclosure must also be the current owner of the first mortgage when the final judgment of foreclosure is issued.

Items like ladders, paint cans, supplies, outdoor furniture, etc. It is pretty simple — after you have done five downliad six years in a row! How to Avoid Becoming a Money Laundry Boards have tools to keep fownload buyers out of their buildings. It is also a real possibility for dedicated Board members.

For most community associations, the benefits of involving committees are extremely worthwhile. The same basic principles apply to the management of a property you own.

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What is causing this and will it last? How to Address Hoarding in Community Associations Hoarding is becoming an increasingly common problem throughout the nation, especially for community associations where people are forced to cohabitate at close proximities. The questions I field on these topics usually sound like this: Intwo properties within Ballentrae H.

In the early hours of a Thursday morning, you are awakened by a loud knocking at your door. Community Associations Suspending Use Rights for Common Elements, Amenities Inat the height of the recent foreclosure crisis, community associations in Florida gained an effective tool to aid them in their efforts to collect upon delinquent assessments.

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The vacation rental companies scored a victory in April when the Florida house passed HB by a relatively narrow vote. The evolution of planned development communities within the State of Florida has been quite fascinating.

Just wanted to share my opinion with you. The new law which amends Section Construction Defects and Insurance Coverage: Associations and their property managers must be well prepared in order to effectively contend with parking violations.

With the enactment of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau CFPBlarge financial consumer lenders inspdction found that many of the protections afforded consumers by the FDCPA are being applied directly to the lenders, despite the exemption. FL When purchasing your home, you likely shopped for the lender that would provide you with the most favorable terms pdd your mortgage loan.

It is the time of year when community associations across the state are electing members to serve on their board of directors.