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Continuous Release G button A Custom Nikonn menu The maximum number of shots that can be taken in a single burst in continuous mode can be set to any value between 1 and There’s something stuck to my mirror. Press 2 to display options for the selected menu item. During this period if dodnload product is found to be defective in material or workmanship, Nikon Inc. Adjust viewfinder focus or use optional eyepiece correction lenses 0 33, Highlight Clean at and press the multi selector right The Shutter-Release Button The camera has a two-stage shutter-release button.

The Information Display The Information Display Press the R button to display shutter dpf, aperture, the number of exposures remaining, AF-area mode, and other shooting information in the monitor. Did the floods affect Nikon? Press the a button to exit live view mode.

Nikon D600 User Manual

L U button Sub-command dial Control panel Select direct measurement mode. Getting to Know the Camera Nilon Command Dial Rotate the command dial alone or use the command dial with other buttons to adjust the following settings. The following features are available with CLS-compatible flash units: See the other side of this guide for information on using the supplied Nikon to the viewfinder, be careful not to Transfer software to copy photographs to a computer, and printing photographs via direct put your fingers dodnload fingernails in USB connection.

Hi-2 ISO 25, equivalent.

C The Shooting Menu: Time-Lapse Photography Time-lapse is not available in live view 0 49, 57at a shutter speed of A donwload 79when bracketing 0High Dynamic Range HDR, 0multiple exposure 0or interval timer photography 0 is active. Additional EN-EL15 batteries are available from local retailers and Nikon-authorized service representatives.

Shooting Particular Scenes Digital Vari-Programs offer the following shooting modes, in addition to auto mode. Using the Built-in Flash The camera supports a variety bikon flash modes for photographing poorly lit or backlit subjects.

Shooting Data Exposure compensation To Length of exposure: Information on Information off Virtual horizon Nion guides 0 Manual Focus To focus in manual focus mode 0rotate the lens focus ring until the subject is in focus.

P, S, Available in modes.

What else does Nikon make? Custom Settings 15 Auto off timers. Time-lapse Photography Time-Lapse Photography The camera automatically takes photos at selected intervals to nlkon a silent time- lapse movie using the options currently selected for Movie settings in the shooting menu 0 Highlight Selective color in the retouch menu and press 2 to display a picture selection dialog.

Page 1 Displayed in red if photo was taken with auto ISO sensitivity control on. To view the menus, press the G button. The Write Protect Switch SD memory cards are equipped with a write protect switch to prevent accidental loss of data. Confirm that the FV lock icon e is no longer displayed in the viewfinder. Connecting The Camera If a message is displayed prompting you to choose a program, select Nikon Transfer 2.

Page 70 Candlelight Autumn Colors For photographs taken by candlelight.

Now the power of a pro-level Nikon FX-format camera—stunning full-frame images, cinema-quality p videos, superior low-light performance, blazing fast framing and burst rates, built-in HDR, wireless photo sharing and much more—is attainable in a compact, lightweight HD-SLR.

Page Select pictures or choose a date.

D Nikon Digital Camera | Digital SLR Camera from Nikon

Press the shutter-release button the rest of the way down to shoot. Number of AF points: Photo Information RGB histograms, highlights, and overview data are only displayed if corresponding option is selected for Playback display options 0 nkion The maanual modes available depend upon the mode currently selected with the mode dial.

Page Shutter Speed and Aperture Two of the chief factors in determining exposure are shutter speed and aperture. To choose from a list of existing folders, choose Select folder from list, highlight a folder, and press J.